Who to Call in Human Resources

Silvia Tamez
Executive Assistant


  • General inquiries
  • Applicant travel reimbursement submissions from departments
  • Human Resources purchasing and vendor invoice contact

Sara Aranda
Benefit Coordinator
South Campus

Brittany Heim
Benefit Coordinator
Central Campus

Tracy Willis
Manager, Benefits
District & North Campus







 Contact your campus designated coordinator for these services:

  • Retirement
  • Service awards
  • Benefits counseling
  • ERS, TRS & ORP processing
  • Tax Shelter Annuities (403b/457) processing
  • FMLA

 Also Contact Sara Aranda for:

  • Educational supplement (staff and administrators)
  • Tuition reimbursement

Barbara McLendon
Records Administrator


  • Records retention schedules
  • Employee records
  • Service records
  • Employment verifications (Wage verifications – Payroll x6309)

Michael Sgarlat
Compensation Analyst


  • Job descriptions
  • Salary calculations
  • Salary surveys participation
  • Educational attainment increases (faculty)

Jimmy Quinn
Manager, Compensation


  • Departmental reorganization reviews
  • Salary structure changes
  • Job analysis
  • Maintain College’s market position
Anna Guevara

Coordinator, Position Management
  • Position control
  • Faculty load

Cynthia Sharpe
Coordinator, Position Management


  • Position control
  • Faculty load

Beau Copeland
Coordinator, HRIS


  • EPAF system access
  • Implementation of new HR system features
  • Banner Workflow access and troubleshooting
  • Cornerstone system reporting, support & continuous improvement

Jill Scott
Manager, HRIS 


  • Reporting
  • Implementation of new HR system features
  • Data/business process analysis

Shanna Dement
Director, Compensation & HRIS


  • Functional responsibilities for Compensation and HRIS

Gretchen Rapp
Manager, Employee Relations
District & South Campus


  • Functional responsibilities for Employee Relations & Performance Management

Vickie Del Bello
Director, Employee Relations & Benefits


  • Functional responsibilities for Employee Relations, Benefits, & Performance Management

Rebecca Guzman
HR Coordinator


  • Full-time job postings and hiring
  • Applicant and hiring leader support

Larry Patterson
HR Specialist


  • Part-time staff and student hiring 
  • Part-time new hire EPAF support

Drake Swinney
Coordinator, HR


  • Part-time faculty postings and hiring 
  • Full-time new hire EPAFs
  • Faculty and Professional Contracts

Tara McCray
Coordinator, HR


  • Full-time new hire EPAFs
  • EPAF support and troubleshooting
  • Applicant and hiring leader support
  • Cornerstone support

Brandi Rhodes
Manager, Employment


  • Functional responsibilities for Employment
  • Applicant and hiring leader support

Wayne Wauters
Manager, Talent Acquisition


  • Candidate sourcing
  • Assistance with local and national job searches
  • Targeted advertisement through online job boards and publications
  • Affirmative action in Veteran's Employment 
  • Back-up for posting full-time job vacancies
  • Applicant support
  • Hiring process

Andrea Lopez
Sr. Administrative Assistant, Organizational & Talent Development


  • General inquiries regarding OTD programs
  • Logistical support for OTD events
  • Customer support for Cornerstone Learning

Gloria Victoria
Coordinator, Organizational & Talent Development

  • Point of contact for ED, LD and OD program participants
  • Cornerstone Facilitator for OTD
  • Learning experience coordinator

Rosalyn Parker
Director, Organizational Development


  • Organizational Wellness
  • Team development
  • Consultant for Process Improvement and Change Management
  • Point of contact for Succession Planning 

Rhonda Tompkins
Manager, Leadership Development


  • Leadership development programs
  • Leadership skill development
  • Team building retreats
  • Leadership coaching

Jennifer Clark
Manager, Employee Development


  • New employee onboarding
  • Team building retreats
  • Employee training & skill development 
  • Coaching for SJCD staff

Jennifer Ramsey
Manager, Learning Technology


  • Functional leadership responsibilities for Cornerstone LMS
  • Technical support for Cornerstone Learning and Connect
  • Point of contact for Cornerstone Facilitators
  • Point of contact for online training

Gabriel Rodriguez
Director, Talent Development


Functional leadership responsibilities for:

  • Leadership Development
  • Team Development
  • Employee (Staff) Development 
  • Enterprise Learning (LMS) Support

Sandra Ramirez


 Vice Chancellor, Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness