Who can participate in the Balance U Wellness program?

All full time employees of San Jacinto College are eligible to participate in the Wellness program.


What is release time and how can I use it?

The college allows for full time employees to use up to 1.5 hours of release time per week to attend Balance U approved activities.  Full time employees must communicate with their supervisor about leaving during their scheduled work day to attend a Balance U event. It is understood that employees are only able to use release time once they have completed work for that day. There will be times when an employee will not be able to attend Wellness due to the work load or deadlines for their position. This communication between supervisor and employee is important. All Balance U activities validate employee participation by signing in and out at the approved activity site.


Do I need to fill out a form to use Release time?

Balance U does not require a form from employees to participate in wellness activities. Some supervisors may require written authorization to attend an activity. If after speaking with your supervisor, it is decided that you need a form, simply download one from the Balance U website. It is located under FORMS and can be scanned and emailed to your campus coordinator or to Balance U.


Do I have to use release time in order to participate?

No. If your work day hours do not coincide with the activity, you may not need approval from a supervisor to participate. Most activities are scheduled at lunch or before the end of the work day. If you are not scheduled to be at work, you do not need to use release time to attend.


What is considered to be an approved Balance U activity?

All approved Balance U activities are listed on the Balance U website. It should be noted that all activities are on campus and require validation of participation by signing in and out at the participation site. If you have a question about an activity, feel free to contact your campus coordinator or the Balance U office.


Is there a deadline to attend Balance U activities?

No. The Wellness program is designed to be available to full time employees from Sept 1- July 31. Employees can start attending activities at any point during that time. For a current schedule of all activities, be sure to visit the Balance U website.


Is there a sign up to attend an activity?

No. You can simply show up to the activity site and sign in and out. Your attendance is recorded and submitted to Balance U every time you attend.


How does my supervisor know I attended a Balance U activity?

All sign in sheets from all classes and activity sites are submitted to the Balance U department and recorded. It is imperative that employees sign in and out in order to get credit for attending. If you are signing in at a computer kiosk, be sure to sign in and out. This is date and time stamped and sent to Balance U.


If I am a supervisor, can I verify employee participation?

Yes! Email or call Balance U for verification.


What is Points to Wellness?

Points to Wellness is our Balance U incentive program. The earning each period each year starts Sept.1- July 31.   For each Balance U activity you participate in during that time period, you are able in accrue points toward prizes. If you sign in and out at an activity site, you will automatically receive the points for that activity. Want to know what the prizes are? They change each year so be sure to check the Balance U website under Points to Wellness to see what you working toward.


Can I go to the Doctor and call it Wellness and get incentive points?

While you cannot use release time to attend anything off campus for Balance U, you can receive credit for going to the doctor for your yearly preventative checkup and screenings. Be sure to visit the Points to Wellness chart to see which exams you get credit for. To submit proof, simply go to the FORMS section of the Balance U website and download the Proof of Visit form. You will email this to Balance U to get incentive points recorded.

*Please do not send any medical forms with personal medical information. We simply need dates of service and a signature from the Dr.’s office representative verifying proof of visit.