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Meet Our Staff

Melissa Burgos - A&P/Microbiology/Chemistry/Psychology

Ivana Contreras - Math

Jonathan Cruz - Math/Linear Algebra/Differential Equations

Benjamin Galindo - Writing

Rubi Garcia - Math/Physics/Economics/Computer Science/Statistics/Accounting

Luis Gonzalez - Math/Physics/Linear Algebra/Differential Equations/Chemistry

Armando Hernandez - Math/Chemistry/Physics/Writing


Mario Lopez – TSI Sessions

Mario Lopez is an English, Economics, History, Government, Philosophy and Math tutor in the Student Success Center. He graduated with his Associates degree from San Jacinto College North Campus with Phi Theta Kappa and Dean’s List recognition in 2014 and Bachelor's in Political Science from the University of Houston. He has also completed his Masters in Political Science from the University of Houston from which he received a transfer scholarship. Mario loves tutoring because of the opportunity to help students in their path to success and being influential in sharpening the skills they need not only to pass their classes, but also fulfill their true potential.




Jesus Loredo - Mathematics/Physics/Statics/Differential Equations

Jesus Loredo is a mathematics and physics tutor. He graduated top ten percent from Channelview High School in 2013. He attended San Jacinto College for his Associates in Mathematics and graduated with a GPA of 4.0 in 2015. He is currently a senior in the Cullen College of Engineering at University of Houston and plans to work a few years in the field. His goal is to help students succeed in their courses at San Jacinto College in effort they are prepared for the university and their careers. 





Karina Martinez - A&P/Math

Odalis Martinez - Writing/Psychology


Emmanuel Matteer, Jr. – Mathematics/Computer Science

Emmanuel Matteer, Jr. is a math and computer science tutor for the Student Success Center at San Jacinto College-North Campus. His primary focus is Developmental Mathematics up to Calculus I; furthermore, he is also computer-literate and offers IT-Information Technology assistance in programming languages and Microsoft Office software [Word, Excel, Power Point, et al.] Emmanuel is a past student and graduated from San Jacinto College with an Associate Degree in Web Design. He has been an employee at this college since 2003. Assisting and teaching students is his business...and business is good!




Nelson Montelongo - Math/Chemistry/Physics

Anthony Rocha - Accounting/Math/Writing/Statistics


Fernando Rosales – Mathematics/Linear Algebra/Differential Equations

Fernando Rosales is a math tutor at the Student Success Center at North Campus. He graduated from North Shore Senior High School in 2011, and is currently a student at University of Houston. Fernando plans on becoming a Mechanical Engineer. He hopes to encourage all students to do their best and help them pass their courses.





Joshua Espinales - Writing









Wesley Lopez - Mathematics/Chemistry/Differential Equations/Linear Algebra/Physics

Wesley Lopez is a Math, Chemistry, and Physics tutor at the Student Success Center. Born and raised in Houston, he graduated from North Shore Senior High School in 2012 with honors before enrolling at San Jacinto College, where he was a recipient of the T-STEM and LSAMP scholarships for two years. He briefly attended UH Main before returning to San Jacinto College to tutor, where he is currently majoring in mathematics in order to pursue a career in actuarial science. He has been a member of Phi Theta Kappa since 2013 and is also a member of the Honors Program at the North Campus. His hobbies include reading and writing sci-fi stories.





Daniel Rodriguez - Math/Chemistry

Gilbert Salinas - Math/Chemistry/Physics/Differential Equations/Writing


Yordell Sandoval - Mathematics/Physics/Differential Equations/Statics








Justin Tarwater - Math/Physics/Differential Equations

Cullen Sessions - Math/Writing/Chemistry/Biology

Cullen Sessions is a Math, Science, and Writing tutor at the San Jacinto North Campus. He graduated from Crosby High School in the top 10% of his class. He then obtained his Associates of Science in mathematics from San Jacinto College. Currently Cullen is attending the University of Houston, pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Biomedical Engineering. "I chose biomedical engineering because I enjoy helping people, which is also a reason I enjoy working at the student success center." Cullen can help with just about any academic topic, so feel free to ask him anything.


Front Desk Assistants

Zyline Cortez

Amanda Gonzalez

Kevin Lopez

Alexa Montes

Biridiana Resendiz - PT Administrative Assistant